Understanding the Possibilities

Setpoint Ammunition brings you the first-ever mass produced customized ammunition. Because this is a brand new concept, even the sharpest of shooters might have trouble lining up the possibilities in their crosshairs. So, we’ve done our best to make the process as simple, cost-effective, and timesaving as possible.

For those just beginning their quest for that perfect build, we’ve compiled some recommended builds, tips for dialing your rifle to its best performance, and frequently asked questions.

Our proven, custom Recommended Builds or other proven premium loads are a great starting point toward discovering your perfect round. The beauty of the Setpoint system is that you can affordably and efficiently fine-tune your load to best meet your needs and desired performance. Your order can be for hundreds of rounds or just a single box of 20 rounds.

The following tips may help you determine the best recipe for custom precision ammunition for your rifle:


Bullets vary in weight, length, shape and construction and each delivers a unique performance characteristic. Setpoint currently offers several bullet choices for your target, tactical and hunting needs. The details for each of these bullet choices are available on our website.


Two case selections are currently available, Federal brass provides consistent quality and nearly identical peformance as Lapua. The other option is Lapua for specialized target, tactical, or hunting situations that require super precision rounds.


We use Hodgdon Varget powder, a popular and proven choice for precision loaded .308 ammunition. Other powder options may be offered in the future.

Powder Weight

The amount of powder measured in grain weight determines the velocity of your projectile. Variations in the powder charge affect accuracy. SAAMI specifications set limits on powder charges. If you’re not sure where to start, choose the standard powder amount shown on our website and work up in 0.5gr increments.

Overall Length

The throat of the barrel (the distance between the end of the chamber and the beginning of the rifling) is one factor in determining seating depth. If you have measured the chamber of your rifle, start with an OAL that corresponds to a .020” jump. If you don’t have a chamber measurement, begin with the standard length provided on our website and work on your length from there in .05” increments.

To order your custom precision ammunition, go to www.setpointammo.com/custom-rifle-ammo, and then follow the steps under Build Ammo, we’ll give you your best shot.

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